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About Mashriq Energy

Mashriq Energy is a quality-oriented international company providing turnkey solar photovoltaic solutions. We are on a mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by providing professional energy consulting services, industrial (EPC) services, and increasing public energy literacy and awareness.

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Our Name

The Mashriq (Arabic: المشرق) is an Arabic term referring to the eastern Mediterranean, comprising modern-day Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others. The name also refers to the "Place of Sunrise" (Arabic: شرق‎ "to shine, illuminate, radiate" and "to rise").

Our name is part of our identity and mission. At Mashriq Energy, we envision a Mashriq with its renewable sources vastly uncovered and utilized.

Solar Pumping

Solar or Photovoltaic pumping (PVP) is the promising future of all water pumping projects worldwide...

On-Grid PV Systems

Grid-tied (sometimes referred to as on-grid) PV systems are simply those that are connected/tied to an electricity grid.

Off-grid PV Systems

With the increasingly dropping costs of energy storage and the rising trend and need to be completely energy independent...

PV-Diesel Hybrid Systems/Rural Electrification

PV-Diesel hybrid systems (sometimes referred to as rural electrification or mini-grids, although no clear-cut definition exists yet)...

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Building-integrated photovoltaics refers to the use of PV cells as part of a building’s architecture...

Energy Efficiency and Energy Retrofitting

Energy efficiency (EE) is of utmost importance to serve the same original goal of renewable energy: cut-on Greenhouse-gas emissions and stop climate change...

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