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Light up a home this Ramadan

Today, Lebanon's main power plants, which had run out of fuel due to a years-long economic crisis,

shut down completely, leaving the country's only source of power to be fuel-powered generators.


The Lebanese residents are subjected to chronic electricity outages, with only those who are wealthy enough

to own a private generator able to experience some electricity, because of the economic crisis

and the never-ending rising cost of diesel. Without a generator, blackouts that used to last 3 to 6 hours a day,

could now leave entire areas without power for several days.

The crisis has left food rotting in refrigerators, people sweating through sleepless nights without fans or air conditioning, kids not being able to complete their studies, and has increased the issues already faced by elderly, sick, and disabled people.

The electricity sector in Lebanon has reached a very critical situation and therefore needs efficient and rapid solutions.  

This is where we come in. Together, with solar energy, we can help end the darkness and extreme energy poverty to the Lebanese houses that are most in need.

Mashriq Energy is a quality-oriented international company providing turnkey solar photovoltaic solutions.

With years of experience in the Solar field and 100s of installed projects, Mashriq Energy’s mission this Ramadan

is to provide and install solar systems for a 1000s of houses.

This project will be done in collaboration with multiple NGOs, who will take care of mapping houses that are the most in need with a priority that will be given to people with medical complications.

Join our campaign and light up a home this Ramadan for as little as $1,900 to power the house of a family in need.

The solar pack which can light up an entire house, a TV, a fridge, and a fan will include:

- 4 Panels (540W each)

- 1 Inverter

- 2 batteries

- Sturdy Mounting system


To make donations or for further information please call: +961 1 800 914 or directly through this link

Donate by Bank Transfer
USD IBAN: LB89 0014 0000 1002 3531 5152 2314

Donate now and change a family's life forever.





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