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About Mashriq Energy

Mashriq Energy is a quality-oriented international company providing solar photovoltaic solutions. We are on a mission to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by providing professional energy consulting services, industrial (EPC) services, and increasing public energy literacy and awareness.

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Our Name

The Mashriq (Arabic: المشرق) is an Arabic term referring to the eastern Mediterranean, comprising modern-day Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, among others. The name also refers to the "Place of Sunrise" (Arabic: شرق‎ "to shine, illuminate, radiate" and "to rise").

Our name is part of our identity and mission. At Mashriq Energy, we envision a Mashriq with its renewable sources vastly uncovered and utilized.

Why Choose Us?

We are always up to date on the latest renewable energy solutions, especially when it comes to photovoltaics.

Mashriq Energy believes energy systems are so valuable and critical and hence no quality is allowed to be compromised.

Mashriq Energy is fully dedicated to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency services and specializes in Photovoltaic solutions.

Deep knowledge of Photovoltaic systems with certifications from renowned bodies in Germany.

Our services are priced very reasonably and our offers are typically the best in the market.

We pride in being manufacturer-independent. This makes us source and select the best components from the best manufacturers, whoever they might be. This is especially important as several manufacturers continuously compete with one another to deliver better products. We continuously choose these better products.

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