• Uncompromisable Quality. Mashriq Energy believes energy systems are so valuable and critical and hence no quality is allowed to be compromised.
  • Dedication. Mashriq Energy is fully dedicated to Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency services and specializes in Photovoltaic solutions.
  • Professionalism. Deep knowledge of Photovoltaic systems with certifications from renowned bodies in Germany.
  • Attentive procurement of all system components from verified and relevant-bodies certified manufacturers.
  • Affordability. Our services are priced very reasonably and our offers are typically the best in the market.
  • Reliability. Reliable O&M Services and 24/7 Support.

Photovoltaics (from Phos, meaning light, and volta, meaning electricity) are cells that convert radiant energy into electric energy. Although initially invented in the mid 1950s, they have gained prominence ever their prices have dropped in the early twenty-first century. In many parts of the world, electricity from PV systems is now cheaper than that from the national grid or other alternative sources (such as diesel generators).

In brief, it offers renewable energy solutions. Renewable energy solutions need careful planning, engineering, construction, procurement, and operations and maintenance. We study the viability of RE solutions throughout the MENA region on case-by-case basis. We then devise the ideal solution, look for the best components, deliver the turn-key project, and operate it and maintain it for its lifetime.

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